My Journey with 21 Day Sugar Detox

Know Your Body

my journey with 21 DSDHealth is a major concern for all of us. Entangled with different styles, conditions and walks of life, taking care of your health is, of course, a major concern. The market is pregnant with multiple solutions and remedies which can enhance your health. But the incredibleness of such remedies has to be checked.

There is no doubt that if we spend little of our precious time in search for valid solutions concerning health we do find without difficulty. But the cautious factor concerning this is how well you know your body and the feedback on the therapy or course. Giving a try is never a bad job.

My Experience And My 21 Day Sugar Detox Program

Sharing my immense experience of the 21 Day sugar detox program creates excitement and fulfillment in life as I have achieved my long-term goal of healthy body and soul. Honestly speaking on the 21 Day sugar detox program it works with little investment of time and patience from the user’s side.

My main intention was to stay fit and healthy without much sacrifice in the diet. My professional working lifestyle would keep me almost outside the house. To manage my hunger, I would manage with any clean, mouthwatering foodstuffs.

21DSD-coverI depended mainly on soft drinks and sweet beverages to crave my hunger. Initially, I noticed no problem but when this became frequent my nights were spent drinking digestive medicines and engaged most of my night time in toilets.

The days after the sleepless nights, my office work turned horrible and worse. I had to handle face yelling and shout from the managements. I had no idea what had happened to me. I was totally upset. In spite of all these issues, I thought of taking leave from work thinking that some rest could motivate my body again.

Keeping the plans in my head I walked to the nearby mall to buy groceries. It was so unexpected there I met my old friend. Forgetting the discomforts we decided to bunk into an open snack bar for munching and sharing memories on our old days.

I was really shocked when she requested for sugar-free foods. A lime juice without sugar! Can you imagine? I was curious to know about her change. She introduced me to the diet plan of 21 Day sugar detox and its benefits. She even suggested the availability of the book and how it guides a beginner to start from the most comfortable zone.

Somehow I managed to the get the details regarding the 21 Day sugar detox program. My concepts on sugar detox were to avoid candies, cakes, ice creams and chocolates. This was later erased when I started digging deep into the program.

Small and big shocks were thrown on me as I had to avoid carbohydrate foods which include wheat and grains, alcohol too. The provocative part is that you have to avoid sugar of all forms such as fruits, dairy and many routine foods which I preferred to have.

To be frank, I was like the cat on the wall – whether to go for the program or not. A 3-week restriction on your lovely sweets! Could I really manage it? My thoughts ran random about how I can work on the plans and coordinate with my office duties. Somehow I made up my mind to take the challenge of detoxing sugar.


  • Glancing through the name ’21 Day sugar detox’ program might have shivered your spine. But, to be frank, it is simple and relaxing one can adopt at home or at any place. Being clearer about the program it is an apt solution to make a change inside your body and habits as well.
  • features of 21 day sugar detoxIt is a complete and unique food-based nutrition plan that has been already initiated and strongly appreciated by the people around the globe. It is common knowledge that your body does store unwanted carb and sugar in the body.
  • The whole method is simple with easy to follow recipes which bust the sugar and carb that has been stored in your body. Anyone can acquaint with the program as it has been slotted with three levels. The user-friendly book ‘The 21 Day sugar Detox’ spice up your potential life in a better way. It includes a specific category for each person in accordance with his or her lifestyle, profession as well.
  • Generally the sugar detox program is adopted by the pregnant, nursing moms, pescetarian and people with autoimmune conditions. In simple words, it is nothing but a healthy diet program which initiates restricted eating habits. It makes sure that you stop using synthetic products and promotes shakes, juices or health supplements, and low-calorie fat diets.
  • The main motivation for the 21 Day sugar detox plan is to support the body for natural cleaning without creating negative responses within your body. The main aspiration of the diet plan is to focus on good protein, quality carbs, and fine fats.


As the proverb goes ‘where there is a will there is way’ starting with 21-Day sugar Detox is really exciting and interesting as well. Briefing my experience with these three-level programs I am sure it changes your eating habits pattern without any reduction of nutrients that a body needs. The diet program focusses on quality life with more invest on healthy foods and recipes which can be prepared at home.

Sugar is the sweetest thing in the globe, but it does harm our lives.

The hidden carbs, sugar, and other refined products found in the processed food or tinned foods have a disaster effect on our bodies. It increases your waistlines as well. A total disturbance is felt in the whole body by consuming such tinned products which have become quite inevitable in our daily life. The sugar detox program just helps from these flaws of uneasiness and discomfort experienced by your body.


  • Challenging simple routines and methods diet consisted of fish, chicken, eggs and meat for protein with each meal. I had to include vegetables and salads as well. I was also given the liberty of consuming coconut butter, dry fruits such as almonds too. Much preference was given for drinking plenty of plain water or with lemons or lime.
  • Getting bit tensed on the first day of keeping away from the favorite foods.

A disciplined system is introduced for managing the time as well. But gaining the confidence of getting evident good results we have to complete as planned.

  • Cautiously carry food with some tomatoes, avocado, and two boiled eggs. Nuts are also included in the diet. For dinner, feasting on salad with salmon. Dedicated yourself of drinking more water, nearly 5 glasses.
  • The first time you have to have your tea without milk and sugar. Stomach feels empty, but I filled it with one more glass of water. Bit unhappy, continue with the same challenges.
  • Regular exercises and yoga have to be worked. Hey to be true to yourself, you will feel grille fresh from the third day of the challenge.
  • Mood was swinging to better performance and activity as well.
  • Slowly you could manage myself without my earlier cravings and surprising I noticed that I have completed around 13 days.

Your Body After Undertaking 21 Day Sugar Detox Plan

Balancing the challenges with regular routines, I thought of self-evaluating my body. Yes, I had lost 5 kilos. My body discomfort and digestive problems started fading. I have gained confidence in acquiring new health. My inner strength became stronger and flexible with a light feeling.

There is no pain in the joints and stretching my body was more relaxing. When taking a glance on the scheduled diet I could feel that I do not have to make a major sacrifice. Life is good and sweet even without consuming sugar.

I appreciated myself for being wonderful, fresh and really feeling light. My family and friends threw wonder glances about the visible changes that I was experiencing. I slowly lost the craving for sweet foods. I made up my mind to continue with the remaining sugar detox diet.

Body Transformation

Final Verdict

Words go beyond happiness when you achieve results from the sugar detoxing program. A free mind is the boon of the sugar diet plan. Free movements of the joints, more energy and to be frank you pee very less in the night.

Your urge for snacking gets eradicated within a short span of 21 days. One thing is that even after you complete the 21-days you feel to stick to the routine as it ensures energy and special enthusiastic feeling.

The result becomes more productive when it creates awareness about the products you buy or consume. It alerts you to be more control over your diet with habitual easy cooking recipes. Life turns to be more comfortable and easy to move on. As you stay healthy.

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